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In Business Premier, you will enjoy:

  • 22" wide soft chalk leather armchair that converts to a 33" at the shoulder, 79" long lie-flat bed with your own memory foam mattress, duvet and large cotton pillow.
  • An ottoman footrest that doubles as a visitor's seat.
  • Individual 11" HD touch screen, premium headphones, in-seat power and a USB connection.
  • In-flight dining menu created by award-winning chef Peter Gordon and New Zealand wines.
  • Premium check-in, courtesy lounge entry, priority boarding and baggage upon arrival.
  • 3 checked bags (up to 23kg each).

Air New Zealand - Business Premier
Air New Zealand - Business Premier

Air New Zealand

Double daily direct flights from Hong Kong to Auckland

Flight number
From HK
NZ80 or NZ87^
19:10/11:00+1 23:55/6:30+1
NZ4994 or NZ4995 21:25/13:15+1 14:40/21:00
NZ4992 or NZ4993 (Dec - Feb)
15:45/7:35+1 9:00/15:10

Time shown above is local time and may vary at the time of purchase. '+1' refers to next day arrival. ^Flights are operated by Air New Zealand.

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