A better way to fly

Are you a flightless bird eager for adventure? Or just a human thinking about a trip to New Zealand and beyond?

Either way, you've come to the right place. Here you'll find exactly why Air New Zealand offers a better way to fly. 

Look who's discovered a better way to fly…

Meet Pete. He's one of our most frequent flyers and he also happens to be a Kiwi bird. We know what you're thinking. "If he's a bird, why doesn't he do his own flying?" Well, he can't you see. Because Kiwis don't have wings. Great legs, but no wings.

However, that hasn't stopped Pete flying around the world. He discovered Air New Zealand and never looked back. Since then we've helped him travel far and wide. He loves Hong Kong by the way – the breathtaking night views!

It's safe to say that he's now one of Air New Zealand's biggest fans. In fact, you can see him talking about our renowned New Zealand hospitality, super-comfortable seats, delicious cuisine (and much more) in some of the videos on this site.

You might also be interested to know that when he's home, Pete loves exploring New Zealand. Which makes him the perfect guide for our beautiful country. So, if you're ever looking for someone to show you around, give him a call. Just not all at once. He doesn't have much room in his car...

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