Travelling light, or with a little extra? Everything you need to know about baggage is outlined below.

How much can you bring, and what can you do if you need to bring more? Prepaid Extra Bags are the way to go to avoid higher fees at the airport and we'll show you how to buy them. Otherwise, scroll on to see how many bags you're allowed, what not to pack, the dimensions we use, and other important topics below. 

For delayed baggage, if you have your reference number you can check its status with our online baggage tracing service.

The size of a carry-on bag is calculated by measuring its length, width and height, (including wheels and packed away handles) and adding the three measurements together. The total for any carry-on bag can be up to 118cm (46.5 inches). Bags can weigh up to 7kg.
Excess baggage charges apply when a customer’s checked-in baggage exceeds their baggage allowance. To avoid paying the full airport excess baggage fees purchase prepaid extra bags online.