Help finding your booking

Bookings made with Air New Zealand

For bookings made on the Air New Zealand website, through our Contact Centre or one of our Holiday Stores, the booking reference is easy to find in the top right hand corner of your Electronic Ticket Itinerary and Receipt. The Booking Reference has 6 letters and/or numbers the last of which is always the letter H (for example: MFB7EH).

For bookings made through Tandem Travel - Air New Zealand's corporate travel management company - look for the Airline Reference on your Tandem Travel itinerary.

Bookings made with Travel Agents

If you booked with a travel agent or through another website, you may or may not have been given an Air New Zealand booking reference. This could be shown on your itinerary as the Airline Reference, Ticket number or Record Locator.

If you've booked with a Travel Agent, you can do the following online at

Please note: some bookings cannot be retrieved online. If you have any problems retrieving your booking, please contact us on 852-2862 8988

Find out more information on how to manage your booking online.