If your baggage is delayed, check its status with our online baggage tracing service. Or find out how to report damaged baggage or lost property to the airline.

Delayed baggage

My baggage didn't arrive, what happens now?

Please accept our sincere apologies if your baggage has been delayed. Despite all care being taken, the baggage sorting system is complex and involves both human and mechanical interaction. Every effort is made to minimise error and the majority of mishandled bags are returned safely within a short period.

In the case of delayed baggage, you must notify us in writing within 30 days (for solely domestic flights) or 21 days (for international flights which includes connecting domestic flights within New Zealand) from the date that you should have received your checked baggage. For contact details go to our Baggage Services Offices page.

Once our staff have entered your details into our world-wide computerised baggage tracing system, our search for your baggage begins. The search centres around your originating and transited (if any) cities and traces using a detailed profile of your missing baggage. You can also check the status of your missing baggage file by accessing our online baggage tracing service, so make sure you have your reference number handy.

Please note some regional New Zealand airports do not have access to the computerised Baggage Tracing system. In these instances, a manual report will be taken meaning the online service will not be available for customers to obtain an update. Using a manual system will not inhibit the effectiveness of the trace.

How will you keep me updated?

We will attempt to contact you on a daily basis. If you are travelling, please ensure we have your most up to date contact details. Changes in the status of your bag can also be viewed by accessing our world-wide computerised online baggage tracing service so make sure you have your reference number handy.

How will I manage without my bag?

Should your baggage not be returned to you within 24 hours and you are away from your home town, you may be entitled to be reimbursed for some emergency expenses. Please check with our Baggage Services staff for information on this entitlement, which is limited. If you have private travel insurance, you may wish to refer to your policy document at this time in order to check your entitlements.

I have been authorised emergency expenses. How do I claim this back?

Each airport has its own local procedure, however generally reimbursement of the emergency expenses payment is made at the Airport prior to departure. Please contact our local Baggage Services office to confirm the process. Alternatively, send a copy of your Property Irregularity Report and receipts to the Air New Zealand Baggage Services office closest to you.

Will you deliver my bags to me?

Yes, we will contact you as soon as your baggage has been located and, subject to local customs and quarantine regulations, deliver it to the address specified by you. Should your delivery details have changed since you completed your report, please advise our local Baggage Services Offices.

What documents should I keep?

  • Keep the copy of the mishandled baggage report that you were given (Property Irregularity Report).
  • Please retain receipts for any emergency or replacement items that you require, in order to claim insurance or emergency expenses if they apply.
  • Retain your original flight ticket or E ticket reference, baggage receipts and excess baggage coupons (if applicable).

What happens if my bag is still not located?

We will continue to maintain contact with you, however, if your bag has not been located within 7 days we will arrange for a claim form to be sent out to you. Alternatively you can download the form and return it to your nearest Air New Zealand Baggage Services office directly. The detailed inventory you supply on this form will allow us to widen our search. In the unlikely event that your baggage is not located within 21 days, we will begin to process a claim, although the search still continues.

Air New Zealand will process your claim according to the applicable liability limitations. Air New Zealand's liability for lost baggage is limited by International Conventions (for international travel which includes connecting domestic flights within New Zealand) and the Carriage of Goods Act (for solely domestic travel). Further information on our liability limitations are available on request from Air New Zealand's offices or on our conditions of carriage. In this circumstance we recommend that you contact your insurer, as your private policy is likely to offer a more comprehensive level of cover.

Damaged baggage

My bag has been damaged, what should I do?

Please accept our sincere apologies if your baggage has been damaged. Any damage should be reported to Air New Zealand in writing as soon as you discover it and at the latest, within 7 days of receipt of the baggage. For contact details go to our Baggage Services Offices page.

In the case of damaged baggage, we will assess your claim and will either provide you with a replacement bag of the same value (less depreciation) in the first instance or process your claim according to the applicable liability limitations. Air New Zealand's liability for your baggage is limited and for certain articles quotes for repair/replacement may be required. Further information on our liability limitations are available.

Fragile or delicate items are deemed unsuitable for carriage in checked baggage because they may not withstand normal baggage handling processes. Such items include glassware, china, electronics, laptops and cameras, etc. Other items which should be packed in your carry-on bag rather than checked baggage include precious or irreplaceable goods and those which you may require in the unlikely event your baggage is delayed or lost eg medication, keys, passport, money. In all situations, Air New Zealand will comply with its obligations under the Montreal Convention.

Lost property

I left an item onboard the aircraft. Who should I contact?

If you have misplaced an item onboard one of our flights, please fill in the Aircraft Lost Property Form. If you have misplaced an item in one of our lounges, please contact our local Baggage Services Offices to report the details of your loss. Every effort will be made to locate this item by conducting a trace. If required, a letter can be provided to support a claim on your personal insurance policy. Found items are held for a period of one month.

Any items found in the airport terminal will be passed to the local Airport Authority.

Please note: Customers uplifting found items from Baggage Services may be required to produce suitable identification.