Whether all you're after is the chance to pick your seat in advance, get more space or a better location on the aircraft, Seat Select gives you the choice to secure the seat you want on Air New Zealand operated flights.

If you're one of the 70% of customers who already have access to free Standard Seating as part of your fare or Airpoints™ status, you will continue to get this benefit. With paid Seat Select you now also have the option to puchase a Preferred or Exit Row Seat.

Remember, if you don't select your seat in advance, one will be allocated to you at check-in.

Standard Seat

A Standard Seat allows you to take comfort in choosing your seat. If you're flying on a long-haul international flight, The Works or Works Deluxe fare on Tasman and Pacific Island flights or on our domestic Smart Saver or Flexi fares you can choose a Standard Seat selection for free. If you're an Elite, Gold or Koru member please see section below for more information.

If you’re travelling on a domestic grabaseat, grabaseat + Bag, Tasman and Pacific Island Seat or Seat + Bag fares you can purchase a Standard Seat in advance using paid Seat Select.

If you don’t Seat Select in advance, your seat will be allocated to you at check-in.

Preferred Seat

Enjoy a better location on board with Preferred Seating. You’ll also get priority boarding privileges.

Exit Row Seat

Stretch out and enjoy the extra space that an Exit Row Seat provides as well as priority boarding privileges. Please note that there are some requirements that must be met to sit in an Exit Row. Read more.

Bassinet Row Seats

If you're travelling with an infant, paid bassinet seating* is a reassuring option for parents. Some bassinet seats have bassinet fittings for infants under 8 months and weighing less than 11.8kgs/26lbs, subject to availability. If you don't secure a bassinet during booking, we'll still endeavour to allocate one to you at the airport if one is still available.

Airpoints™ Elite, Gold and Koru members

As an Elite, Gold or Koru member, you will enjoy access to complimentary frequent flyer premium seating. You'll find frequent flyer premium seating towards the front of our cabins on most Air New Zealand flights. Premium seating includes the Space+ zone on our domestic jet services and international A320 services and is independent from the Preferred and Exit Row seating options.

If completing the booking online, it's important that members are either signed in or have submitted their Airpoints number on the Enter Passenger Details page to ensure access to premium seating and the correct Seat Select options.

If there are any Preferred or Exit Row Seats still available 48 hours before travel, Elite, Gold and Koru members will be able to select these free of charge as an additional benefit.

Elite, Gold and Koru members travelling on our domestic Night Rider flights between Auckland and Wellington will not be able to request premium seats in advance.

View a summary table of these changes here.


Seat Select offers great value options to secure a bit extra, so check out the pricing below. From prices displayed in HKD and are on a one-way per journey sector basis.

Flight Type Standard Preferred Exit Row Bassinet Row
seat / seat+bag $40 $80 $80 Not available
flexitime / flexiplus
Complimentary $80 $80 Not available
Tasman & Pacific Islands
Economy Complimentary $30 $60 $30
Premium Economy Complimentary $60 Not available $60

Short haul flights to/from Honolulu, Denpasar, Perth

Economy Complimentary $60 $120 $60
Premium Economy Complimentary $120 Not available $120
Long-haul International Economy Complimentary $200 $600 $200
Premium Economy Complimentary $600 Not available $200

How do I Seat Select?

It's simple, and there are several ways to Seat Select.

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