Prepaid Extra Bags

If you need to take extra bags, it's smarter to prepay before you get to the airport.

When you want to take more baggage than your fare allows, Prepaid Extra Bags are the smartest and cheapest solution. If you wait until you get to the airport, you'll pay excess baggage rates that are much higher than the prepaid cost.

Prepaid Extra Bags can be purchased when you book your flight or added to your booking online up to 90 minutes before an international flight or up to 30 minutes before a domestic flight.

Airpoints™ Elite, Gold and Koru members are entitled to additional baggage benefits at no charge. Please consider this before purchasing Prepaid Extra Bags.

How to purchase Prepaid Extra Bags


Purchase online when making your booking

Retrieve your existing booking and add to your flight

Contact centre

Call our Air New Zealand contact centre (service fees may apply)

Travel agent

Speak to your travel agent who made your flight booking

Prepaid Extra Bags charges*

Domestic New Zealand flights

1st Extra Bag


2nd Extra Bag


Flights between New Zealand & Australia/Pacific Islands, except Perth, Honolulu and Bali

1st Extra Bag


2nd Extra Bag


Long haul flights

1st Extra Bag


2nd Extra Bag


* Customers with existing bookings will have access to the prepaid baggage prices effective at the time of ticket issue.

Other things to know

If you have a Seat only fare and would like to check a bag, simply change your booking to a Seat + Bag fare.

There's a maximum of three checked-in bags per person on any flight.

Travelling with multiple passengers? When you buy Prepaid Extra Bags, they'll be spread across everyone so you can reduce your costs. You'll need to check in together.

Extra bags can't be purchased for international multistop itineraries online, or on infant fares.

Charges for overweight, oversize and sporting items depend on their weight and size. More about overweight, oversize and sporting items.

Extra Bags terms and conditions