Overweight and oversized items

Find out what to do when you're flying with items that require special handling or exceed the standard size or weight of checked baggage.
  • Any piece of checked baggage that weighs over 23kg but under 32kg or exceeds the total linear dimensions (length+width+height) of 158cm (62″) will be subject to an overweight/oversize charge. 
  • If you don't know whether your baggage is overweight or oversize, see checked-in baggage.
  • If you're on a domestic flight as part of an international ticket, the original international baggage allowance applies.
  • For flights operated by other airlines, even if they have an Air New Zealand flight number, please contact the operating airline.
  • Even with excess baggage fees, checking-in your items is still one of the cheapest ways to bring all your gear with you when you travel.
  • At the airport, check your bags in and then look for the oversize and fragile bags desk. 

If your bag weighs more than 23kg

If your bag's dimensions add up to more than 158cm (62")

Infant seats, pushchairs and strollers

Musical instruments

Flying with sports equipment

Packing bikes for flying

Bring your own wheelchair or assistive device

Travel with your pet