New Zealand domestic check-in

When to check in

Online check-in opens 24 hours prior to any NZ domestic flight. You can check-in via your Air New Zealand mobile app, or by clicking on the link in your Air New Zealand online check-in email.   

The very latest you'll need to complete your check in is 30 minutes before departure. This includes dropping your bags off if you have them, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time. For some flights, and in some scenarios such as connecting to an international flight, or children travelling alone, the check in time is 60 minutes before your flight departs, so please refer to the Air NZ app, check-in email, or e-ticket for your particular flight. 

How to check in

You can either check in online or via the Air NZ mobile app to attain an electronic boarding pass on your mobile device, to scan at the boarding gate or lounge entry scanners. Electronic boarding passes are accepted at all New Zealand domestic ports.

Alternatively, you can attain a printed boarding pass at our airport kiosks or counters to scan at the gate as you board, or upon entry to our lounge.

Important changes for check-in and domestic departures

The below are no longer accepted at the domestic boarding gate and/or lounge entry scanners when travelling on domestic flights:

  • Barcodes on printed e-ticket receipts
  • E-pass tags

Instead, try using the Air NZ mobile app for the most convenient way to check-in and board your flight.

If you are using your electronic boarding pass on the Air NZ mobile app to board, you will no longer need to receive a paper docket from the domestic gate scanner and can simply show your electronic boarding pass to Cabin Crew upon entering the aircraft.


If you don't have bags to check in, you can go straight to the gate after completing check-in via the Air NZ mobile app. You'll no longer receive a paper docket when you scan your mobile boarding pass.

If you are checking in a bag (or you need to print a boarding pass to scan at the gate), you can use our self-service kiosks. The kiosk will print your boarding passes and bag tags. At airports that don't have self-service kiosks, please use counter check-in.

What form of identification should I carry?

At check-in or when boarding, you may be asked to provide suitable ID. You can use a driver licence, passport, Airpoints or Koru card, credit card, birth certificate or NZ Community Services card.

Looking for international check-in?

Why do I have to show identification at check-in for domestic flights?

Most airlines worldwide using the e-ticket (ticketless) travel system require a form of identification to be presented when customers check-in. This is to ensure that the customer named in the booking is the same person who boards the aircraft.