Flying when pregnant

We try to make flying while pregnant as easy as possible.

Here you'll find key information to provide, and when and how long you're allowed to fly.

This information refers to flights operated by Air New Zealand. If you are travelling on other airlines, including our codeshare and partner airlines, you should check their requirements too.

Medical clearance

Clearance from our medical team is required if you have:

  • A complicated pregnancy, such as placenta previa or bleeding
  • A multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets
  • A history of premature labour
  • Begun the early stages of labour

To apply for medical clearance, see conditions requiring medical clearance.

Flying through your pregnancy

When and how long you can fly, will depend on how far through your pregnancy term you are.

  • For multiple pregnancies, such as twins, you can fly up to the end of the 31st week
  • For a single baby with an uncomplicated pregnancy and clearance from your doctor or midwife:
    • You can board flights over five hours, up to the end of the 35th week
    • You can board flights under five hours, up to the end of the 37th week

If you want to travel for medical treatment, you can apply for clearance. See conditions requiring medical clearance.

Proof of pregnancy dates

If you are beyond your 28th week, we recommend you carry a letter from your doctor or midwife saying they believe you are fit for travel, confirming your pregnancy dates and that there are no complications.

International travel tips

  • Travel well before your baby is due and take out travel insurance
  • If you are travelling in the late stages of pregnancy, plan for the possibility of early labour during a stopover - it happens
  • Some countries have entry restrictions for pregnant non-national women; if in doubt please check with the relevant embassy or consulate before you travel
  • While on board, drink plenty of water, go for walks when you can and elevate your legs. See more on inflight wellbeing